Baby Elephant Adorably Looks For Girls ‘Trunk’

After falling into a 15-meter ditch on a tea plantation and being abandoned by its herd, this baby elephant was moved to an Indian wildlife rehabilitation center. This baby elephant, now in a reserve with other elephants, became fascinated and cuddly with a visitor.In a video of the experience that was uploaded to YouTube, the baby wanted to see if this girl had a trunk similar to its own.

The elephant uses its trunk to investigate why the girl’s “trunk” is so much shorter than its long trunk in order to find out what’s up with her nose. As the elephant babies took the time to discover something new to them, there was plenty of poking to go around, writes

The boy, probably thinking the girl is an unusually formed elephant, searches the girl’s face with its trunk for an elephant-like trunk. Despite the fact that a trunk does not appear, the elephant proceeds to prod about with its long nose in search of one.

Despite the elephant’s intrusive interest, the girl appears to be having a good time as she laughs during the “trunk” quest. Nonetheless, the experience is one-of-a-kind, demonstrating how elephants can be sweet and cheeky at times.



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