Desperate Puppy Looks For Food Everyday To Bring It To The Lifeless Body Of Her Mother

Animals, like humans, have sentiments, although their manifestation differs depending on the species. The dog appeared depressed and skinny. It was near to the skeleton and skin of a huge dog that had died some days before. A puppy like this one is most likely the child of the deceased huge dog.

A puppy sits next to a large dog’s body, which has been dead for several days and is now just a skeleton and skin. People inquired about it, but the photographer lost track of it when he returned, which was understandable given how long it had been.

It was later discovered that the photographer had not brought the dog with him at the time, which annoyed some people. In Tibet’s harsh conditions, the puppy might still be alive.

In Myanmar, a puppy sits next to his mother’s body. A puppy sat next to his mother’s nearly decomposing body a few days after her mother was killed in a Myanmar village. On October 6, 2012, a Reuters reporter took this photo.

“As I was walking around the burnt area of the village, I saw the heart-fluttering scene,” the photographer said of the touching photograph. I took the camera and sat down, compassionately watching the little dog. I began to take photographs after picking up the camera.

When I have to leave, I’ll take the little dog with me because no one will adopt him. However, a kind man ended up adopting it. Because the dog was too poor, he and I decided that he should go to a Buddhist communal house in the village. In the near future, I will definitely visit him.”

As with humans, animals have feelings, but the expression varies from species to species.

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