Golden Retriever Welcomes Litter of Puppies, One with a Surprising Twist!

A golden retriever in Scotland just gave birth to nine puppies, one of which has a pale green color.

The green color, which has only occurred a few times previously, is thought to be generated by biliverdin (green bile) in the mother dog’s placenta interacting in a certain way with the amniotic fluid that shields the puppies.

“It was all hands on deck,” the dog’s owner told The Sun, “but then as the puppies started to come, we saw that one of the puppies had green fur.” We couldn’t believe our eyes.”

Because of his unusual coloring, the small dog, now known as Forest, has become an internet celebrity. Being green, on the other hand, isn’t always simple. Another unique green puppy, born weaker than the remainder of the litter, passed in 2014. While no one has been able to show a clear link between being born green and the puppy’s untimely passing, it does make stories like this less amusing.

Fortunately, Forest and his golden siblings look to be doing well. And his temporary color is rapidly fading.

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