Heartwarming Kangaroo Rescue: Emotional Gratitude Shown to Rescuers for Saving Her Life

The cute kangaroo is named Abigail, also called ‘the hugging kangaroo.’ She is an animal full of gratitude and also extremely grateful. She was abandoned when she was 5 months old and was taken to the Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs in Central Australia by lifeguards.

Since then, she is full of gratitude and always wants to hug the lifeguards who saved her life and took care of her.

Now she is 15 years old and has become a charming girl. She is very different from other rescued kangaroos. Most of them like to roam around the reserve in search of food, while Abigail just likes to meet and hug lifeguards to show affection. Abigail is probably the cutest and weirdest kangaroo we know.

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