Helpless Dog Was Attacked By A Snake While Wailing For Help

Pet ownership in Asia is dangerous since snakes and other wild critters may try to consume your dog whole… as this one nearly did.

Watch the terrifying footage of a carpet python seizing a 9-week-old puppy named Jasper and attempting to suffocate him in a field.

It happens in an instant: Jasper is sniffing about nonchalantly when the python attacks from behind a bush. Jasper tries to squirm away, but the snake has a solid grasp on him.

Fortunately, a man nearby in the field heard the puppy crying and rushed out to help free the puppy from the serpent, though it wasn’t easy.

The man eventually throws the python away, and we’re delighted to say that this tale has a happy ending… Jasper was well for both animals; except from a bite in his ear, which his owners corrected, he’s back to his old self.

If you’re interested, the python is also regarded safe. Reptiles are incredible creatures.

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