Meet the Dog Who Can’t Stop Smiling and the Unlikely Love Story It Helped Spark


In a world like ours, where things are not always clear, we sometimes see hope as nothing more than a wish. But for Meatball or Meaty, a happy Pit Bull mix who was saved, life is great. He was lucky to end up in Lisa Reilly’s care and love. In her Petco essay, she wrote about how she fell in love with Meaty’s smiles after seeing him on the Facebook page for the Fresno Bully Shelter.

As a thank-you, Meaty gives Joe, Lisa’s other half, his full support. Joe patiently taught Meaty to balance a diamond ring on his nose, which led to a proposal that Lisa could not refuse. Meaty’s lovely smiles are all over Instagram, along with those of his whole family. Here are a few of our favorite photographs.

(h/t: mymodernmet)

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