Rescued Kids Pay Tribute to Heroic Dog Stranded in Colombian Jungle with Heartfelt Drawings

Rescued children pay tribute to sniffer dog Wilson, the hero Belgian Shepherd who helped save them after surviving a horrific plane crash in the Colombian Amazon a month ago. Unfortunately, Wilson… Read more

Abandoned One-Eyed Street Dog After a Remarkable Rescue: Transformed Beyond Recognition.

Pearl, an abandoned Poodle dog covered in thick flea-infested fur, is now unrecognizable after being rescued by an animal shelter in Missouri, US. Founder of Mac’s Mission, Rochelle Steffen, rescued the street… Read more

Loved Hero Police Dog in Hertfordshire, UK passed away in the age of 14

Hertfordshire, UK—Finn, the German Shepherd hero police dog who saved Police Constable Dave Wardell from a stabbing attack back in 2016, died at age 14. A Facebook page dedicated to… Read more

In a New Jersey residence, more than 30 dead dogs were discovered.

Two people were charged with animal cruelty and child endangerment after police found the bodies of at least 30 dogs at a home in southern New Jersey this week. Investigators… Read more