Dog Left Lonely In The Forest Waited For Somebody To Notice Him

When Ruth Thomas-Coxon, an animal rescue officer with the RSPCA, got a call from someone who spotted a dog curled up in some woods on the side of the road, she immediately drove out to investigate — and when she arrived, what she saw broke her heart.

“The tan-colored lurcher was quite weak and skinny, and extremely frightened,” Thomas-Coxon said in a press release. “When I saw him there curled up surrounded by ivy, it was a pitiful sight.”

dog abandoned in woods

The dog, later named Bang Bang, was definitely confused and seemed like he was just waiting for someone to finally come and help him. It seemed he had likely been abandoned, and it was hard to tell exactly how long he’d been out there on his own. One of his back legs was swollen and he was in desperate need of a good meal, and Thomas-Coxon was so glad that someone had spotted him so she could get him the help he needed.

dog abandoned in woods

Bang Bang was taken in by the RSPCA’s Great Ayton Animal Center, where the staff quickly set about tending to his leg and other injuries. They discovered that he was microchipped, but when they called the number, the family said they’d sold him a few weeks prior, meaning he must have been abandoned by whoever they sold him to.

“It’s heartbreaking to think of him out there on his own as the weather’s been deteriorating,” Thomas-Coxon said. “I’m so pleased he’s safe now, getting the care he needs, and can soon start his search for a loving new home.”

dog abandoned in woods

Although Bang Bang was definitely scared when he was first rescued, he quickly began to warm up to his rescuers. He was just so happy to finally be somewhere safe with people who had so much love to give.

“Bang Bang is doing really well and his leg is improving every day,” Olivia Duffill, deputy manager of Great Ayton Animal Center, said in a press release. “He has started to bear weight on the leg, so that’s great news. He is such a beautiful, lovely-natured dog, and he absolutely loves cuddles and spending time with our staff.”

dog abandoned in woods

Bang Bang is making progress every day, and everyone at the shelter is so excited to begin the process of finding him the perfect forever home.

“Once Bang Bang has recovered from his leg injury and has been fully assessed, we’ll start looking for a loving new home for him, and I don’t think it’ll take us long,” Duffill said. “He’s such a fabulous dog and he’ll make a wonderful addition to the right family.”

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