Shelter Worker Uncovers Heartbreak Beneath Mysterious Tarp

Recently, on a stormy morning in Texas, a staff member at San Antonio Animal Care Services was walking through a parking lot near the shelter when they noticed a green tarp in the distance.

Concerned, the staffer approached the soaking wet tarp and lifted it up. What they found was heartbreaking — two German shepherds and a small Chihuahua, abandoned in cages beneath the large sheet of plastic.

tarp in rain

The staff member quickly contacted more rescuers to help the wet and scared dogs.

“Anytime something like this happens, we’re sad and a little frustrated,” Lisa Norwood, San Antonio Animal Care Services public relations manager, told The Dodo. “We had been experiencing a spate of strong thunderstorms, and I can only imagine their fear with the traffic going by coupled with the heavy rain and thunder.”

police uncovering tarp

Rescuers took the three dogs into the shelter, where they were given food and water and quickly began to warm up. They named one German shepherd Cyrus and the other Peaches. The Chihuahua was named Gabby. Each member of the trio took in their surroundings a bit differently, and Cyrus made it especially clear that he would need some time to adjust.

“Both Peaches and Gabby seemed a little more calm and were easier to handle,” Norwood said. “Cyrus was very frightened by the whole experience and took some time to warm up to everybody.”

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