A 200kg “puppy” slams table and scolds doctor “Why does it hurt like that?” after vaccination injection

Dogs are always lively, intelligent, and mischievous, bringing lots of laughter to their owners. However, just like children, they are especially afraid of hospitals, causing quite a commotion every time they go for vaccinations.

The story of a courageous and dominant Caucasian dog, just 2 years old but weighing over 200kg, being taken for vaccination by its family.

Upon arriving at the vaccination room, both the owners and hospital staff put in a lot of effort because this “little dog” caused a disturbance by crying and being disruptive.

The little boy was held down, unable to resist, while the owner stood close, comforting the tender soul, allowing the doctor to administer the injection smoothly.

After being vaccinated, the puppy lay there whimpering in pain, its fierce gaze directed towards the doctor. It seemed as if he was reproaching, accusing the act of violence, saying, “Why did you inject me?”

Even more astonishingly, it leaps onto the reception desk, with determined eyes and a mouth screaming at the doctor, causing everyone to burst into laughter.

He confronts the doctor face to face, angrily shouting, “You hurt me!” and forcefully slams his foot on the table.

The doctor, in response, can only laugh and remain silent, afraid to provoke him. Haha!

Afterward, the dog returns and cries uncontrollably to its owner. The owner consoles and sweetly promises to protect the dog. To alleviate the dog’s pain, the staff and doctor apologize and pledge that it won’t happen again. Only then does the dog gradually calm down and forgive them, letting it go with a laugh.

Regardless, one is only two years old, with an innocent and tender soul, so childish and naive. Just a little child, hoping that everyone won’t laugh. 🥹

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