A heartbreaking image of a dog’s dedication to its owner to the very end

The dog demonstrated her love and devotion to her late father by remaining by her side at all times, even after the passing of her best friend, and by never departing from her side for even a single second.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the people in Paulo’s neighborhood, as well as his family and friends, adored him; however, his devoted dog gave him the sweetest and most heartfelt expression of affection possible.

“Unfortunately, my uncle passed away today, but he left behind a certainty that his devoted companion held dear,” she said. “I will miss him.”

When Paulo was receiving treatment in the intensive care unit (ICU), his best friend always returned the dog’s attention, and Paulo frequently asked about their devoted companion during this time.

The man’s relationship with his dog provided him with the greatest joy each and every day. Sadly, Paulo’s health could not continue to hold out for much longer.
The following was also added by Gisele:

“From the ambulance, he went straight to the cemetery, where his dog was waiting for him. It was heartbreaking for him to see his dog kiss his father as he lay in the casket because in his mind, the dog was an offspring of his own.

They were forced to put up with him in order to stop him from committing suicide by jumping into a grave. He had never seen a love that was so authentic until that moment.
The dog stayed by his side throughout the entire service and demonstrated all of the love and devotion he had for his owner by staying by his side.
The dog seemed to be aware that this was his final farewell to the person who had raised him his entire life, as he remained with the person with whom he had spent his entire life.

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