A mother dog walks her puppies to the door of a villager, seeking help. Everyone in the village joined in to nurture the puppies while waiting for the mother dog to return

One morning, a homeowner heard a dog barking and saw a stray dog with a puppy in its mouth. The stray dog’s gaze was gentle yet reluctant.

The mother dog gently placed the puppy in front of the gate, casting an earnest look at the homeowner, paused to look at her pup, and then hurriedly dashed away.

This is a stray dog recently wandering around the village, giving birth to 6 puppies. Unfortunately, 2 of them were lost. The villagers wanted to bring the mother and her puppies home to take care of them, but every time they approached, the mother dog resisted. Therefore, everyone only sends food for the mother and her puppies and doesn’t dare to disturb them anymore.

Yes, the sentence is grammatically correct. However, here’s a slightly revised version for better clarity:

“I don’t understand why the mother dog brought her puppy to the front door and then sadly left. Instinct suggests that there must be a hidden reason behind it.”

People speculate that a mother dog can sense a kind-hearted family and therefore wants to send her puppies to be raised by them.

Remembering the disheartened expression, the longing gaze at the beloved child before departing left the family constantly pained. As a result, they searched and brought home four little puppies to care for.

The whole village provides milk, food, and grains, each person contributing a little, all joining hands in the hope that the puppies will be healthy. It’s truly difficult to understand where the mother dog has gone. She only comes back to visit her puppies continuously for several days, but her health is deteriorating, and she refuses to eat or drink. She just comes to see her puppies and then leaves again.

It’s possible that the mother dog was sick, so the villagers divided the task of searching, but they couldn’t find her anywhere. Someone exclaimed, “Could it be that the mother dog thinks she’s too sick to recover, so she entrusted her puppies to the care of the villagers.”

As a month quickly passed by, with the help of both the family and the villagers, the litter of puppies became much healthier than before.

Even though many people were eager to adopt the puppies, they still worried about the litter and wondered if the mother dog would come back to visit her pups. If she returned and didn’t find them, she would be very sad. Therefore, the family continued to take care of the puppies until now.

Then one evening, the girl inside the house discovered a large hole in the fence. It turned out that the mother dog had returned to observe her pups’ daily lives.

The health condition seems to be even worse, lying collapsed on the ground and sinking into a deep sleep.

Immediately, veterinarians in the village examined and discovered the mother dog’s malnutrition after giving birth. They provided nutritional supplements and medication. After 2 days, the mother dog showed significant progress, regained her spirit, and walked more energetically.

Finally, everyone understood, “Mother, thinking that she might not make it through, wanted to find a good place to entrust her children, and quietly departed alone.”

Mother and puppies are fortunate to encounter many kind-hearted people who provide care and assistance. We hope that the mother dog quickly recovers her health, and the puppies grow up well. We are grateful for the kindness of the entire village throughout this time.

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