Adorable Bulldog Throws the Cutest Tantrum When Mama Gives Him a Pat on the Head

Human or canine children are all the same when a mom tries to teach her kid how to do things and they talk back for the first time, it can be quite upsetting.

In this adorable video, you are about to see a bulldog mother, Patches, and her bulldog puppy, Elvis who seems to be taking his first steps, and the bulldog puppy’s mother is enjoying watching him doing that. Elvis kept on throwing tantrums and it’s so cute!

It’s amazing to see those beautiful and cute puppies exploring life and experiencing it for the first time. And it’s equally adorable to watch a mother dog relationship with her puppies, the way she treats them, how they cuddle, and how she raises them and teach them morals.

Elvis was an “only puppy”. He was born with a cleft lip and had a permanent sneer, which is how he got the name Elvis.

An epic struggle, a cutest bulldog puppy with the most adorable temper tantrum, and a very patient mom!! What more do we need? Sooooo cute!!! You’ll be smiling ear to ear, guaranteed!

Here’s the adorable little Elvis the Bulldog puppy reading his mommy the riot act! LOL!

Watch this cute video below as Elvis sasses his mom in the most adorable way! …and SHARE to spread a smile! 🙂 Enjoy the cuteness!

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