Canine Afflicted with Uncommon Skull Tumor Receives a Lifeline Through a 3D-Printed Implant!

So happy for this beautiful fur baby…! ❤️

Bliss, a 2-year-old dog with a rare [brain tumor], was sent by her owner to a Texas [kill] shelter. Many people were moved by Bliss’ story, and Friends of Emma reached out to see if they could assist with hospice care for the dog.

Bliss is a gentle and cute dog, and the disease has caused her a lot of [] and [damage] both physically and mentally. Despite this, she is always smiling and optimistic about life, and she loves the people around her!
However, medical exams revealed that Bliss is a healthy young dog in every way and is not [neurologically] affected by the condition.

Elizabeth Hart, the rescue’s founder, immediately contacted a veterinary oncology specialist in Ontario, Canada to see if Bliss could be saved. They determined that Bliss could have the tumor removed and a 33-printed porous polyethylene implant manufactured in Australia replaced part of her skull and facial bones.

This is an unexpected blessing for this poor dog!

Surgeons and implant manufacturers collaborated to design the ideal custom implant for Bliss. The operation is scheduled for mid-June. Hopefully, the surgery will be a great success.
It is truly amazing how the entire world came together to help save this puppy!

Please Lord Bless and heal this precious dog! 🙏🙏🙏

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