Heartbroken story: Kitten still seeks old spot every night to find its mother even after the mother dog’s passing

A wild kitten unknowingly sneaks into a house and mistakes a dog for its mother, thus initiating the story of the dog-cat mother and child.

Recently, a touching story shared by a girl has deeply moved the dog and cat lovers’ community due to the heartwarming situation of her dog and cat family. The emotional story goes as follows: “This is Min and Meo. Min was with me before my father brought her home to raise. Min is very gentle, but the only problem is that she barks a lot. Meo’s story is more complicated. After a stormy night, the next morning, while I was asleep, I heard Min playing with someone and running around excitedly. Unable to sleep and getting annoyed, I opened the door to see a tiny yellow kitten who appeared out of nowhere and was playing joyfully with Min, as if they were truly siblings.”

From that day on, the kitten thought that Min was his mother because they had the same yellow color, and he kept following Min around. My dad felt sorry for the kitten because he looked thin and weak, so he kept feeding him. We named him Meo. After a while, Min got pregnant. Meo would always tag along and stick close to pregnant Min. They were very close. Wherever one went, the other was there too. But Meo had a habit of doing his business inside the house, leaving us helpless.

Then came the day when Min gave birth to puppies, just like a cat being pushed aside. Min doesn’t let Meo come near her offspring at all. Meo wants to sleep together, but Min doesn’t allow it. Meo keeps going in and out, playing hide-and-seek.

‘Mother’ and ‘child’ sunbathe together in the morning. Suddenly, when Min’s babies were one month old, she got caught by some thieves in front of her own house. It’s really pitiful. The poor little puppies cry and whimper from hunger. As for Meo, he sits in front of his house every night, meowing and waiting for Min. It approaches the puppies and waits for Min. It’s incredibly heartbreaking to witness.

Every day, he meows, and then I come home from work and find him sitting in front of the yard, waiting. After that, I sold all the puppies because I couldn’t take care of them all. Only the cat remains, and it feels sad. Suddenly, there was Min, then a whole litter of puppies. Now, it’s all alone. He feels sad and leaves, not staying at my house regularly anymore. He goes wherever he wants, only returning when there’s no one at home. In the afternoon, I still see him lying, waiting for Min under the swing where the two used to sunbathe together. It’s heartbreaking for the two of them. He only comes back to the old house at night to search for his mother, Min.

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