Injured dog returns home, owner refuses. Garbage collectors couple collects money to save the poor dog.

Once upon a time, there was a sad but, fortunately, happy ending story. The dog’s name was Nin, and he used to live in a factory where he would often receive scraps of food from the workers. However, an unexpected accident turned Nin’s peaceful life upside down.

One afternoon, while playing around the factory as usual, Nin was hit by a speeding car. The car didn’t stop and sped away, leaving Nin seriously injured and unable to walk on his hind legs.

The owner, who was a factory worker, couldn’t afford to take Nin to the hospital and was rather indifferent. The poor dog was now facing a life with almost immobile hind legs.

Fortunately, there was a couple who regularly collected garbage and happened to come to the factory. They had been long-time admirers of Nin, and when they heard the story, they immediately came to her rescue and help.

Despite their limited financial resources, the couple did not hesitate to gather funds in order to take Nin to the hospital for a medical examination and treatment.

The test results showed that Nin’s spinal nerves were damaged, making it very difficult for him to stand up normally.

However, the couple did not give up. They applied traditional methods such as massage and acupuncture, hoping that Nin would have the ability to recover.

It seems that Nin really misses the life in the factory, so he has crawled back to the place where he used to live several times. The couple had to restrict the dog to a specific space in order for the wound to heal quickly.

By doing this, they have nurtured Nin for 3 years, and his current health condition has essentially recovered. To enable Nin to stand up, they purchased a wheelchair so that Nin could move around more easily.

Under the care of the couple, Nin has regained a loving home. What could be happier than this? They feel very worthwhile for their efforts over the past three years.

In the end, good people will be rewarded, and the true nature of each person’s heart cannot be shown through money, status, or profession. I hope that each one of us possesses forgiveness, sharing, and overflowing love in our hearts just like that!

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