Man Notices Random Dog Attending a Metallica Concert on Her Own

The other day, as Steven Lee Jr. and a few friends were entering SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, to watch the band Metallica perform, something unusual caught their eyes.

A short ways away, they noticed a dog among the crowd. Though at first they thought she was accompanying another concertgoer, it soon became clear to Lee that the pup was there without an owner. And happily so.

“The dog seemed very comfortable and [was] having a good time,” Lee told The Dodo. “As we walked towards the stadium, the dog was right there the whole way.”

Lee eventually lost sight of the dog through the crowd, but the pup evidently found her seat.

A photo later emerged of the dog looking toward the stage where Metallica performed, seeming very much to be enjoying the show.

Initially, seeing the dog unattended, concert staffers believed that she had been cruelly abandoned there. They escorted her out and placed her with a local shelter. But how the dog ended up at the concert was actually much less saddening.

As Metallica’s official Facebook page confirmed, she’d brought herself there after sneaking away from home.

Turns out, the dog, named Storm, lives near the stadium — and she “was safely reunited with her actual family the next day,” the band said.

Storm’s family was clearly relieved to have her back.

When Lee learned the story behind the canine concertgoer he’d run across that evening, he felt both relieved and a bit amused.

“I was surprised that she ran away [from home] but thought it was funny that [she] went inside the stadium,” Lee said. “I joked that she wanted to watch Metallica, and that she wanted to hear [the Metallica song] ‘Wherever I May Roam.’”

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