Mother dog bids her babies farewell with tears, clutching passionately and refusing to let go

A touching story at the university campus: a tearful farewell as a mother dog parts with her newly adopted puppies.

Previously, the mother dog wandered onto the university campus in mid-December, where students took care of her, providing food, shelter, and regular visits. Over time, she became pregnant and gave birth to seven chubby puppies.

Due to the lack of accommodation for resident students, they were unable to keep the mother dog and her puppies. As the puppies grew older, stronger, and weaned from their mother’s milk, they reached out for adoptive homes.

From this point on, one by one, the puppies found their new families, and people witnessed tearful scenes right in the schoolyard.

Today, the mother dog bids farewell to her brown puppy as it must follow its new owner to a new home.

When the woman lifts the puppy onto her scooter, the mother dog anxiously follows from behind, her eyes filled with affection.
The mother dog kisses and caresses her pup, looking at it and then at the woman as if entrusting and pleading with the new owner to love her precious offspring.

Understanding the Mother Dog’s Heartache, the Woman Lowers the Puppies for a Farewell between them.

Though words may be inadequate, no language can describe the scene at that moment. The mother dog passionately kisses her puppies, licks them, and tenderly embraces her newly weaned offspring, wishing for a better life for them.

The woman reassured the mother dog, saying, “Don’t worry, I will take good care of your puppy,” before departing.

The farewell at the university campus felt like a scene from a movie. The love between a mother and her child is always such a sacred bond. No mother wants to be separated from her beloved and cherished child.

Many people have asked, “Is it possible to adopt both the mother dog and her puppies?” It may be due to the circumstances in the city, where no family has enough space to ensure a good life for the entire canine family.

We are hoping that each puppy, upon joining their new family, will have a better life filled with love and care, and that their mother dog will also find a loving home soon!

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