Online Shopping: $27 Golden Retriever Turns Out to be Unexpected ‘Meat Dog’ Delivery

A man in China went online to purchase what he thought was a Golden retriever dog, but it turned out to be another animal entirely.

Newsflare reported that a man named Liu – who lives in the city of Liuzhou in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China – went online to purchase what he thought was a Golden retriever dog.

Liu purchased the dog on August 4 and spent the equivalent of $27.55 USD (or, 200 yuan) on what he thought was going to be his new pet.

Instead, when he received the package, he got something incredibly different.

Golden retriever on beach

Golden retrievers are known for their pleasant dispositions (Image: Getty)

As it turned out, the precious pooch wasn’t a Golden retriever dog, but rather it was a Chinese domestic dog.


The Tuguo (which translates to “Native Dog”) is, unfortunately, a dog that is considered a “meat dog” in the region, making it a popular delicacy amongst the Chinese.

Festivals dedicated to eating dog meat in China have stirred up much controversy in the West, for what are perhaps obvious reasons.

However, the Tuguo is also a good hunting dog and were first domesticated by the Han dynasty of China.

Head raised and ready for a howl

The Tuguo, or Chinese domestic dog, is a different dog altogether (Image: Getty)

Despite his new furry friend’s popularity as a dinner dish, Liu wasn’t disappointed in the Golden retriever mix-up.

As it turned out, the Tuguo’s name was “Golden Retriever,” which is where the confusion first started.

Rather than return the dog, or condemn it to a terrible fate, Liu revealed that he’ll be keeping the dog as a pet.

Liu also vowed to take good care of Golden Retriever and found his fluffy face to be irresistible.

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