Over 200 dogs attended the procession to honor Grandpa’s 100th birthday

Reaching age 100 is an incredible achievement — if you’re lucky enough to hit triple digits, you know you have to make it a birthday to remember.

Recently, one senior celebrated his 100th birthday with the help of some adorable friends: a parade of 200 dogs!

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Dr. Robert Moore, a retired dean from San Jose, California, is a huge dog lover, so with his milestone birthday approaching his family decided to get some furry friends over to help celebrate.

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They decided to have a parade of dogs line up to wish him a happy birthday. His daughter Alison Moore told NBC Bay Area that she expected about 20-30 dogs to show up — but the actual response left them stunned.

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On Robert’s big day, over 200 dogs lined up to greet him, so many that they lined up all the way around the block. Many of the dogs even dressed up for the occasion, wearing tuxedos and cowboy hats.

“He had the best day petting every one of them,” his granddaughter wrote on TikTok.

Watch the video below:

@carolswag247 Surprise dog parade for Pop Pops 100th birthday! #fyp #surprise #dogs ♬ original sound – CONTENT CREATION TIPS

It made the 100-year-old birthday boy’s day: Robert happily greeted each and every dog who came to see him.

“My father, he was so touched. He pet every single dog that came through,” Alison told NBC. “Every person brought the dog up to him. It was so lovely.”

The family said they were grateful to everyone in their community who came out and made Robert’s birthday so unforgettable.

This is the best birthday gift we’ve ever seen! We’re so glad this 100-year-old got to spend his big day meeting all these beautiful dogs! 🐾❤️

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