Photos That Show No Car Ride With A Dog Is Boring

Whether you own a dog or simply enjoy watching them, there’s no denying that puppies can be entertaining. Bring your dog along for the ride if you’re searching for a way to keep your dog occupied on a road trip. They’ll get their heads jammed in whatever little space they can find and make some really comical expressions at you and other drivers. Continue reading for more amusing photographs that demonstrate how comical dogs can be in the automobile.

Yo Dawg, Wassup?


This dog is definitely cooler than any person we’ve ever met in our lives. First of all, is it really using its paw to wave out the window at someone it knows? Then you add in the sunglasses and it’s just too cool for school.

To be fair, any Rottweiler automatically looks like it’s in the top tier of the dog hierarchy. Then you throw on a chain collar, and you may as well give this dog a record deal.



If there’s one pet that knows how to get excited, it’s dogs. They sometimes wag their tail so hard that their whole body gyrates! And we’ve never seen a smile bigger than a dog’s when it’s panting.

But this pooch takes excited to a whole new level. Its mouth is so big it may as well be yawning, and its eyes look like they’re about ready to pop out. As soon as you see that stack of pizza boxes in the passenger’s seat, it all makes sense.

Arm Rest Or Pup Rest?


Is there anything cuter than puppies? It turns out, there is: puppies passed out in weird spots around the car! This one is dangling on an armrest, which has never felt as comfortable to us as this pooch is making it seem.

You can tell that this dog isn’t very spoiled, because it looks like it could get comfortable just about anywhere. We give it an A+ for originality and for not overlooking any opportunity for comfort.

This Is The Right Position


Have you ever noticed that dogs can take quite a while to get comfortable? They need to maneuver their blanket just right and typically like to have their chin propped up on something.

This dog also likes to have its bottom raised, apparently, because its hips are draped over the side of its bed so they stay elevated. It may feel like a nice stretch to the dog, but to us, it looks like a knot waiting to happen.

The Stink Eye


This dog looks like it’s giving the stink eye to someone who just cut him off! Not only is the canine clearly glaring out the window, but it’s also got its paws crossed and is leaning to the side with some serious attitude.

Any dog with that much personality belongs in Hollywood. We can just imagine if a professional actor gave a voice to this sassy canine. It’d be like Homeward Bound, only the driving edition!

The Perfect Size


Like the puppy that was snoozing on the armrest, this little fluffball looks positively adorable snuggled up on the dashboard. It must be warm up there since the sunlight is just above and the engine is down below, as are the vents that may be pumping out warm air.

The best part is looking up and realizing the driver was dealing with some major traffic when this picture was taken. Talk about a therapy dog!

I’m Exhausted!


According to the person who posted this photo, the owner had just upped their dog’s walk from 2 miles to 2.5 miles. Judging by the look on this pet’s face, that half a mile really makes all the difference.

It’s like the dog is intentionally trying to look overly exhausted just for the camera. Its eyes are nearly crossed and its tongue is out like a kid who doesn’t want to go to gym class!

I’m Such A Big Dog With My Seatbelt On


I’m a big pup now! You can almost hear this cutie thinking those words as he rides shotgun with his human owner, sitting in the front seat with his seatbelt strapped on his teeny little body. He looks pretty serious about his safety restraints.

We don’t have a clue whether this seating arrangement is any safer but you can’t deny that it’s pretty darn adorable. Especially with the way those rear legs are sticking straight up and the tail’s pointing forward.



Have you ever wondered what was the point of being able to fold down a portion of your back seat when you could just do the whole thing? It turns out, the purpose is to let your dog peek his head through when he’s in the trunk!

In all seriousness, who wouldn’t want to see this adorable view each and every time they check their rearview mirror or turn around while backing up? Distracting as it may be, that sweet face is totally worth it.

I’m Flying Just Like Jack!


As soon as we saw this picture, we couldn’t help but recall the scene in Titanic where Kate Winslett and Leonardo DiCaprio are at the ship’s nose, experiencing it glide over the vast ocean.

That must be the level of exhilaration this dog is feeling as it stands on its owner’s shoulders to get the full sunroof experience. Kudos to the dog owner for being such a skilled driver, because we would not be able to focus with this happy pup right overhead.

I. Wasn’t. Ready. To. Go.


This dog looks like it knows how to hold a grudge. It’s looking out the window with furrowed brows as though it just crossed the point in its life where it’s joined the dark side.

Is a horror movie about to start, or is this dog just upset that it has to leave the park early? We honestly can’t tell for sure, but this doesn’t seem like the kind of dog that turns your frown upside-down.

Who Turned Off The Lights?


A dog getting its head stuck in a box of crackers has got to be a cliche by now, but we’ve yet to see it happen in the back seat of a car! We have so many questions. Where did the crackers come from?

Was the box already open before the dog found it or does he have some serious motor skills? Was it in the back seat or up front with the owner? And is the dog trying to shake off the box or is it still determined to get a cracker?

This Is My Chin Sling


We can’t tell what exactly this dog is resting its chin on, but it seems to be a strap hanging from the ceiling of the car on the passenger’s side. This dog is certainly happy it’s there.

As we mentioned before, there’s something about having chin support that really makes a dog feel complete in their cozy position. Perhaps the reason dogs are able to doze off so easily is because they commit to finding the most comfortable position they possibly can.

I’m Just So Happy!


You’ll notice that almost every single dog on this list looks utterly happy with life. This pup probably tops the list. Just imagine driving down the highway and feeling a soft weight on your arm.

You look down and see this adorable face, eyes closed, and tongue dangling out in pure joy. The best part is that all it probably took was a good walk or a trip to the dog park to get this reaction.

Say Cheese!


We sincerely hope that the person standing outside the passenger’s side window said “say cheese” just before the dog gave this face. Either the canine is posing because it’s just that awesome, or it has fallen asleep and doesn’t realize the cute face it’s giving.

Either way, we could stare at this picture all day. It’d be a great one to hang up in the office so on those days when you just feel down you could look at this and remember what you’re really working for.



This dog must have some little kids living at home because the only time we’ve seen that look of excitement is when toddlers see their presents on Christmas morning.

The brows are even raised and the dog isn’t panting, it’s just smiling! We again have to wonder if there’s a human in there who decided life as a dog would be the better choice. We wish we were that excited just to go for a car ride.

Hey There, Buddy


This dog looks like a comforting uncle, grandfather, or really any father figure type that’s a jolly old fella. Something about the way the dog has one arm on the windowsill and the other grabbing onto the door frame makes it seem like he’s a human.

It’s like an animated character in one of those cartoons where animals talk and live like humans. He’s just dropping his kid off at school and wishing them a good day.

I Turn Into An Ewok In The Car


This dog’s human nailed it when they said that the pup looks like it turns into an Ewok when it hangs its head out the car window to get a nice fresh breath of air and its fur blows back in the wind.

For some reason, any dog-in-car photo is made even better with the “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear” notice, too. Like, just how much closer can this little Ewok be?

There’s A Situation In The Backseat


This woman took her dog for a car ride, but forgot that she left a box of Cheez-Its in the backseat! Dog or human, everyone knows the addictive nature of Cheez-its, and they wouldn’t have lasted for long whether it was Fido or Frank in the backseat.

The dog’s owner had a good laugh when she caught her dog head-deep into the box. They weren’t planning on sharing even a piece!

Whoever Smelt It, Dealt It


The owner of these cute puppies shared this photo on Imgur. They said that they heard one of the dogs fart from the back of the car. When they turned around to look, here are the facial expressions they were given by these cute Labradors.

It doesn’t look like either one of them will be confessing to the crime. But that’s just another day in the life of living with dogs.

Getting Into Shape Is Ruff


The owners of this sweet and exhausted pooch shared this photo of their dog’s reaction to their hike. They shared, “last week we went 2 miles, this week we pushed it to 2.5”

And while the humans seem to be fine with the increase in mileage, this dog is feeling the burn. His hilariously tired face says it all. He’s willing to keep his owners company but this hiking thing really isn’t his jam.

Cleaning The Teeth


Dogs are seemingly unaffected by the window blowing their ears and face around like they were in gale force winds. It must feel weird once the wind stops! It’s like a workout for your face.

This dog stuck his muzzle out of the window at a fast enough speed to blow his chops in the wind with no shame. Although it might get the little bits of treats out of their teeth, they’re bound to have a dry mouth after this car ride.

Hey! It’s A Beautiful Day!


This sweet Pomeranian loves to go on car rides. With their beautiful coat blowing in the wind, this little dog is sharing their joy with the entire neighborhood.

Who can resist that face? Photos like this prove that we really don’t deserve dogs. There’s no doubt that this pooch cheers up everyone who sees them going on a car ride. We only wish that we had this much fun in the car!

We’ve Got Plans


This German Shepard has somewhere important to be. Here he is, ready to get to his destination, yet his driver apparently needed to pick up something from the quick market.

So he’s just waiting, with his sunglasses on, totally natural, in the car. Hopefully his human remembered to grab him some beef jerky inside. This dog looks like he’s in a hurry to get somewhere and he doesn’t have time for these inconveniences.

This Is How I Want To Lay


This dog’s owner snapped a photo of how their dog prefers to sleep in their bed in the back of the car. Here, the owner provided everything that the dog could need to get comfortable– they even have their security blanket!

But when they glanced in the backseat to see how their dog was doing with the car ride, this is what they witnessed. Puppies are more elastic than the rest of us but we still think he’ll have a sore neck after this car ride!

Goodbye, My Friend


Goodbyes are hard, especially for dogs and their humans! This photo shared on Reddit appears to be a woman saying goodbye to her golden retriever while he goes on a ride.

In reality, he’s probably just running a few errands with their other human, and if they’re lucky, stopping at the dog park. But one never knows how long it will be before we see each other again. It’s best to get a good hug in.

Hello, I Am Here


JP on Twitter shared this photo of her dog trying to socialize from the backseat. After another dog owner posted a photo of his pitbull trying to come through the netting, JP shared that they weren’t alone.

Dogs just want to be apart of the conversation all of the time! There isn’t a net strong enough to stop these dogs from showing their love to their best friends in the front seat.

To Fluffy For The Backseat


Just look at the size of this unit! This fluffy dog is ginormous! Bigger than kids, and many adults, this dog doesn’t even fit into a car seat. Here, they’re spotted on the road riding shotgun, hanging their head and paw out of the window.

Unlike some of the other dogs that go crazy while in the car, biting at the wind and making a scene, this dog is just going about his business.

Going On A Cruise With My Human


This sweet Bernese mountain dog loves going on drives with his human. While other dogs are often in the backseat, this big boy rides shotgun with his best friend.

Clearly, it’s not the first time that he’s taken up the front seat. He has the relaxed, one paw out the window swagger just right. Others on the road can’t help but take notice of this cool as a cucumber dog.

Pure Elegance


This dog’s owner looked into the backseat to find them in full wind mode. This pooch as a lot of hair! That won’t stop them from enjoying the simple pleasure of having the wind against your face.

If this dog could buy a car of their own, it’s easy to tell they would buy a convertible. Some of us just love that sun on your face, wind in your fur feeling.

Hello, I’m Here For You


This Pitbull pup looks comfy in their sling in the backseat. They might be comfortable and enjoying the ride, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t miss their owner’s affection!

This sweet pup lovingly keeps her eyes on her owner at all time, even when they’re in the backseat. She’s just letting her owner know she’s here for emotional support. This is the kind of backseat driver we all need.

Wait, Where Are We Going?


Dogs are usually always excited to leave the house with their owners, regardless of where they’re going. Many dogs have that self-centered thought of “we must be going to the dog park for me.”

This husky in the backseat just realized that he isn’t going to dog park, and he isn’t happy with that realization. His owner looks happy to have his co-pilot with him, no matter where they’re going.

This is Fantastic!


This hilarious dog doesn’t mind riding in the bed of the truck at all– in fact, they prefer it! Wherever you’re going human, take me with you! This dog almost looks like a superhero with their chops in the wind. That, or possibly a llama.

It’s funny to see how dogs’ faces take on a different shape when they have the wind hitting them. And they love it so much!

Purse Drool


A Reddit user shared this photo of their mom’s dog while going for a car ride. According to the user, this is a pretty common situation with this family.

We hope that the mom doesn’t mind a puddle of drool in her leather bag, because that’s what’s about to happen! This family dog just wants to apart of the conversation wherever they go. We get it, we don’t like being the only one in the backseat either!

Tongue In The Wind


If we’ve learned anything from this gallery of dogs riding in the car, it’s that each dog throws their own personal style on riding in the car. Some like to ride in the front seat with their paw out the window, others are all about the fur in the wind affect.

This dog, well his style is all about the tongue action. This golden retriever keeps their tongue out for the entire car ride, and just look how long it flies!

An Old Soul


This sweet dog isn’t going bonkers or having the wind blow through their fur– well, mostly because they don’t have long hair… Instead, this sweet dog is calmly enjoying the ride from the backseat of the car.

It looks like they just went for a long walk and are enjoying the gently breeze from the open car window. They must be having sweet thoughts before dozing off for their nap.

Safety First


Dogs find comfort in the most awkward positions! Just look at this dog! While there are no doubt many different ways this dog could be laying in the car seat, this is what they chose.

The dog’s muzzle is pinned between the seat belt and the door, but that’s the way they want it. Who knows, it might offer some neck support while they enjoy this really awkward nap in the car.

I’m Sailing!


The owner of this comedic pooch captured video of them riding in the car with their head hanging out of the sunroof. It looks like there’s nothing this dog would rather be doing!

They’re going for the full effect here, using their mouth like a sail. It must feel like they’re running really, really fast. We just hope that their owner has some water handy to rehydrate! They’re going to have cotton mouth after this car ride.

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