Pregnant dog sold to sƖaᴜᶃhterhoᴜse breaks down in tears upon rescue and later gives birth to 8 adorable puppies

As I was driving through a suburban area, I couldn’t help but notice a parked three-wheeled vehicle by the roadside. Next to it sat a suspicious-looking elderly man, accompanied by a large golden retriever confined inside.

Feeling uneasy, I decided to get off the car and inquire. The man replied that he was preparing to transport a dog to the restaurant they had ordered from earlier today.

As I heard that nonchalant response, a chill ran down my spine, and I instinctively realized that this was an animal transport vehicle heading to the slaughterhouse.

I looked at the dog lying in the car, it seemed to have lost all hope and accepted its fate.

Due to the car being broken down, the man had to stop and fix it. He opened the car door for us to get a closer look at the dog. It was truly surprising when he opened the metal cage and the dog immediately shed tears, displaying emotions like a person aware of something imminent.

After getting out of the car, the dog wagged its tail and leaned against me, crying louder and more desperately.

Upon closer examination, I noticed that the belly of the chubby dog seemed larger than usual. I began to suspect that the dog might be pregnant. However, the man adamantly insisted that the dog was not pregnant.

Immediately, I proposed to buy the dog at any price. After a few phone negotiations, the man agreed to sell it back to me.

Later, my friend and I took the dog to the nearest vet hospital for a health check-up. Initially, I suggested giving the dog a bath to make her feel clean and more comfortable, but the veterinarian refused and speculated that the dog might actually be pregnant.

After undergoing ultrasound scan B, it was confirmed that the dog is indeed pregnant and carrying quite a few puppies. I feel immensely joyful knowing that I was able to timely rescue the mother dog and her unborn litter.

Surprisingly, the day after returning to my home, the dog gave birth to 8 adorable chubby puppies. What’s even more astonishing is that all 8 puppies are purebred. One can assume that the owner of the mother dog had planned for her to reproduce but heartlessly intended to sell her to a slaughterhouse.

I feel like I have just accomplished the best thing in recent years, which is saving 9 lives. Dogs are the most loyal and affectionate animals to humans, please love and protect them. I hope that this situation will not continue in the future.

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