Rescue Canine Steps Up as Surrogate Parent to Three Abandoned and Orphaned Kittens

This sweet dog is a new mother to a litter of puppies and kittens, but you have to see the special way she treats her adopted babies!

Mary, a Beagle mix, was pregnant when she arrived at the Animal Shelter of Pickens County in Jasper, Georgia. No sooner had she given birth to her litter of puppies when she stepped forward to help the shelter care for three kittens that were dumped at their doorstep.

As soon as she was introduced to the orphaned kittens, Mary wouldn’t let them out of her sight. She makes sure they don’t stray too far.
“She loves her kittens. I took two of them away and she had a heart attack, poor thing,” said Judy Moody of the animal shelter. “I brought them back and she was so happy.”

She even tugged one out of Judy’s hands when the baby kitten was getting fed milk.

Those kittens sure are getting the care they need to grow healthy and strong! Watch the video of Mary caring for her adopted babies! She’s so concerned for them!

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