The mother dog has passed away, and the sad puppy crawls into its mother’s arms, lying quietly until someone comes to help

A heart wrenching story from last week: a mother dog got lost and tragically got hit by a car. She fell down and passed away instantly. At that moment, there were three puppies following their mother closely, and they immediately clung to her, refusing to leave her side.

Perhaps too young to understand this sudden loss. A puppy curls up in its mother’s arms, remaining still even though the mother dog no longer moves.

When people around discover the situation, the little puppy refuses to leave its mother. It only wants to lie quietly beside her, whimpering softly, which is truly heartbreaking.

Later, the animal rescue team appeared, and they tried to separate the three puppies from their mother, causing the puppies to cry. It seemed that the three puppies were still nursing their mother. It will be challenging for the three puppies to adjust to life without their mother by their side.

The rescue team has decided to clean and cover the mother dog’s body with a soft blanket for cremation. To comfort the puppies, they tried to explain that their mother had gone to a special place and that they would be reunited in the future. The three puppy dogs looked at their mother from a distance for a while. The true moment of parting had arrived.

Afterwards, the rescue team focused on taking care of the three puppies. They administered vaccinations, treated fleas, ticks, and worms, ensured cleanliness, and provided adequate nutrition to compensate for the puppies’ needs.

It has been a week, and it seems like the three puppies have become calmer. They eat and drink well, but they are not as active or mischievous as regular puppies.

Some people believe that animals do not experience loss like humans do, but all the staff at the center can see that the emotions of animals are just as strong as ours. With abandoned dogs, a mother dog losing her puppies, or a puppy losing its mother, they all suffer psychological damage for a long period of time.

I hope that the three puppies will soon regain their spirits and live well, because that is surely the mother dog’s ultimate wish!

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