The smile returns on the face of the Homeless Dog Found with His Mouth Wired Shut

An injured Pit bull, with its muzzle tightly wired, arrived on a family’s porch, desperately seeking assistance. Fortunately, Sgt. Bryan McFarlane from the Orange County Virginia Animal Shelter in Orange, Virginia, promptly responded and swiftly transported the dog, named “Wyatt,” to the nearest emergency veterinarian.

Someone had wrapped the dog’s muzzle very tightly with a wire. As a result, his muzzle was swollen, and the wire had cut through his lower cheeks. He could not even open his mouth to eat a piece of a hot dog. He also has broken teeth and mange.

After vets expertly tended to his wounds he was taken to the shelter to recover. Shelter staff said they hadn’t seen a case of animal abuse as severe as Wyatt’s in a long time.

Despite the abuse, Wyatt’s turnaround in the few weeks he’s been at the shelter is amazing. He’s goofy, loves playing with toys and adores getting attention from the staff. They fundraised for dental surgery and supporters stepped up.

“Thanks to all of you for the love and support for our sweet boy Wyatt!! He had his dental and has recovered wonderfully,” the shelter wrote on Facebook.

Not only has Wyatt gotten the medical care he needs, he’s now up for adoption. The shelter writes, “He is now in search of a very special family that will love and spoil him for the rest of his life! He is about 2 years old and seems fine with most dogs he meets. He is a little too interested in kitties so a kitty free home pls! He seems to be housebroken as well. If interested, please go to the county website and fill out the pre-adoption application and email to the director.”

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