The touching story of Daniel Hove and his beloved dog Gunner has brought tears to many people after being shared by his son

The son shared that his father was a former soldier, serving in the US Air Force before returning to his hometown of Burnsville, Minnesota, to become a firefighter. In 2011, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, which led to his retirement in 2012.

During his 9-year battle with cancer, his beloved dog remained faithfully by his hospital bed. Strangely enough, after the dog passed away, just an hour and a half later, the owner also bid farewell to this world. It seemed like an invisible thread of destiny bound their lives together.

The dog always stays by his owner’s side during cancer treatment.

Throughout his battle with cancer for 9 years, Mr. Daniel not only received constant encouragement and support from family and friends but also had a special companion named Gunner, his beloved pet dog. Gunner stayed by his side, becoming a great source of comfort and motivation during the challenging journey of fighting the disease.

Chú chó luôn túc trực ở bên cạnh ông chủ trong thời gian điều trị bệnh
Gunner, the adorable and affectionate dog, always curls up beside his owner when he’s lying on the hospital bed.

During the days when Mr. Daniel had to stay in the hospital for treatment, Gunner always followed him around and lingered in the hospital room. He often lay under his owner’s hospital bed, waiting for him in that endearing way. Concerned that Gunner might catch a chill from lying on the hospital floor, Daniel’s family specially prepared a small bed for Gunner and placed it right next to his owner’s bed.

Gunner – an emotionally rich dog.

During each chemotherapy session, Mr. Daniel endured a great deal of pain, which made him irritable. This, in turn, affected Gunner’s mood.

“When my dad got agitated, Gunner got agitated too. If my dad wasn’t calm, the dog wouldn’t be either. If my dad didn’t respond, Gunner wouldn’t either,” recalled Heather Nicoletti, Mr. Daniel’s daughter.

As time goes by, we all age…

Mr. Daniel and his dog, Gunner, spent 9 years together. When the owner was still healthy, he often took Gunner for walks and playful moments. However, with time, Mr. Daniel’s health declined, and Gunner also grew old, gradually losing his strength and vitality.

Theo thời gian tất cả rồi cũng sẽ già đi...
The picture of Mr. Daniel and his dog, Gunner, when they were both healthy and strong.
Witnessing their beloved dog’s deteriorating health, the family took Gunner to the hospital for a check-up. The doctor discovered a leg condition that could leave Gunner paralyzed and unable to walk normally.As Gunner’s condition worsened, he could only lie on the bed and gaze at his owner. He could no longer run around Daniel like before. The doctor delivered the heartbreaking news that there was no cure for Gunner’s condition. They said he wouldn’t be able to fight or overcome the illness, and his time was limited.

Saying farewell and departing this world…

Gunner took his final breath, peacefully departing from his owner’s side at midday. He left gently and serenely, without enduring any pain.

Chú chó túc trực bên ông chủ bị ung thư suốt 9 năm, cả hai cùng từ giã cõi đời cách nhau chỉ vài tiếng

The images of Gunner and his owner during cancer treatment at the hospital

Strangely, just 90 minutes after their beloved dog passed away, Mr. Daniel also bid farewell to this world. Losing two loved ones in such a short span left Daniel’s family devastated. Yet they find solace in believing that both will continue their journey together in another realm.

Daniel’s son shared, “We knew they would go together. They were the best companions until the very end. Gunner couldn’t be without my dad, and I think he chose to go with him.”

After being shared on social media, the story of Daniel and his dog Gunner quickly spread across forums. The loyal and timeless friendship between the owner and his pet has deeply touched many netizens.

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