Unbelievable: This Homeless Puppy Was Ѕһᴏт Dozens Of Times In Head, But She Kept Fighting For Her Life!

When Amal Andari was driving by a puppy in Beirut, Lebanon, she thought the dog needed water and decided to give it to the animal.

When Amal and her friend approached the puppy, they saw there was a wound on her head, and it was obvious the dog needed urgent help.
She only stopped to give her some water, but then she noticed a serious wound on her head.

They took her to a vet, and it was revealed (via X-ray) that she was shot many times with a pellet gun. Perhaps, some teenagers wanted ‘to have fun’. Also, she was infected with parvovirus.

That same puppy, now named Bondok, has beaten the odds and made a full recovery.

The dog, now called Bondok, seemed to struggle to survive, and now she’s healthy and waiting for a good family to adopt her.

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