When a rescue dog realizes she is in a safe place, she overcomes her anxiety and breaks into a heartwarming smile

“She now has a constant smile on her face”

Meet Kit — a 10-year-old pup recently rescued from the streets of Turkey. Kit traveled to the United States to meet her loving new mom, Lindsay Paluba. The little dog was gaunt and exhausted but so happy to be home.

“She was very skinny, all of her front teeth were worn down, and she was missing all of [the] fur on her stomach and neck,” Paluba told The Dodo. “Kit had to have all of her front teeth pulled and she now has the most perfect gummy smile.”

After living most of her life on the street, Kit found safety in the new comforts Paluba’s house provided.

“Once she found her bed inside, she would quickly run over to it and not move,’ Paluba said. “It was definitely a safe place for her.”

The brave girl felt nervous about her surroundings at first. Kit was unsure of her three new fur siblings and unfamiliar with the love that her parents were pouring into her, but she quickly learned that she was right at home.

“She wagged non-stop on the bed and continuously inched forward to ask for pets,” Paluba said.

Along with Kit’s apprehensive but happy tail wag came a tentative smile. She wanted to unleash all the love she had inside, but she wasn’t quite ready at first.

Then, the sweet girl broke completely out of her shell.

“It only took a few days for Kit’s smile and tail wag to change from a nervous one to a happy one,” Paluba said. “Once she met her fur siblings, you could tell she let her guard down.”

Because of her health conditions, Kit couldn’t fully interact with her siblings, but that didn’t stop her from obsessing over them.

“She loves following them around, tail wagging,” Paluba said. “I think they help her feel safe.”

Since then, Kit has been feeling better each day, and her personality has been blossoming even more. Once a shy pup, Kit now commands the house with her love and vibrant energy.

“She has taken over all of the dog beds in the house with no discrimination,” Paluba said. “Her personality comes out more and more each day. So far, her favorite things are rolling in the grass, mealtime, getting pets and playing ball. She is officially part of the family now.”

Kit’s still undergoing treatment for her weight and skin, but thankfully, she’s got the best family ever by her side. And the sweet girl doesn’t let anything stop her from living life to the fullest.

“She now has a constant smile on her face,” Paluba said. “She is the most perfect dog, and we love her so much!”

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