When a woman sees a stray dog in a truck yard, she notices a melancholy in its eyes

“She literally cried real tears”

When Suzette Hall, founder of Logan’s Legacy dog rescue, first received a call about a gray and white pit bull roaming through a truck yard, she knew it was urgent by the tone of the caller’s voice. She dropped everything to help, not yet knowing the depth of the pup’s pain.

As a full-time rescuer, Hall’s used to saving dogs with different reasons for ending up on the street. Some are abandoned, and some have escaped their homes. But, this time, she came across a heartbroken dog who turned out to be grieving the unimaginable.

When she got there, Hall found the mama dog, later named June, frantically running through a dangerous industrial area while whimpering. June’s body suggested that she’d recently had puppies, but they were nowhere in sight.

“I have never in my life seen a dog so incredibly sad,” Hall told The Dodo. “She literally cried real tears.”

After searching the truck yard thoroughly, Hall concluded that June’s puppies had sadly passed away.

A bereaved mother herself, Hall understood the pain she was in. Once she had the mama dog safely in her car, Hall gave June a much-needed hug.

“She was the most traumatized, saddest dog I’ve ever seen,” Hall said. “I just held her because I knew exactly how she felt.”

Hall knew it would be a while before June felt happy again, but she was determined to help her get there. She drove the heartbroken mama dog to the vet, then immediately posted her story in hopes of finding a foster home as soon as possible.

Soon, a woman reached out offering to take June in temporarily. Having previously adopted another pit bull mama who’d also lost her babies, she felt as though they’d be a perfect match for June.

Luckily, she was absolutely right.

“June came out of her shell right away with her new family,” Hall said.

At first, June’s new home was meant to be temporary while she continued her search for a forever family. But soon after her arrival, her foster mom realized that June was right where she was meant to be — so, she asked to adopt her.

With unconditional love from her new mom and sister, the once-sad pup blossomed into a bouncy and vibrant girl. Finally, she had a family to grow with.

“All she does now is give kisses,” Hall said. “She’s so happy.”

And, with a loving sister who’s experienced the same kind of loss, June’s been able to heal from her past and enjoy her present-day life to the fullest.

“June and her sister are in love with each other,” Hall said. “They shared the same past, and now they’re having an amazing future.”

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