When the mother dog learns that her puppies are due to be sold, she runs in the middle of the night, and when they are found, everyone feels sorry

What is unconditional love if not the love of a mother? A mother is willing to sacrifice everything for her child, ensuring their safety and well-being.

The heartwarming story of a mother dog and her puppies on a farm touches the hearts of many, leaving no one unaffected.

A man runs a breeding farm specializing in selling puppies. Recently, a dog became pregnant and gave birth to several adorable puppies. In order to strategize the best way to sell them at a good price, the man made phone calls to discuss the timing for selling the puppies.

Since he had found buyers, the owner took great care of the puppies. Early in the morning, when he woke up to feed them, both the mother and the puppies had mysteriously disappeared.

At that moment, the man realized that the mother dog had taken her puppies and run during the night. However, he guessed that the mother and her puppies couldn’t have gone too far. When he went outside to search, he found the mother dog curled up in a small hole. It seemed like they didn’t want to come back, and he couldn’t understand why the mother dog reacted this way.

In fact, this mother dog had given birth multiple times, and perhaps the previous litters being sold had left a psychological impact on her. She feared that her current litter would also be sold, so she tried to find a way to escape. The man decided to bring the mother and her puppies back home, silently promising that he would never sell any of the puppies in front of their mother again.

Witnessing this scene, the farm owner couldn’t bear to part with them, so he decided to keep the litter of puppies behind for the mother dog to take care of.

Facing separation, even animals can feel sadness and unwillingness. If they could speak, they would have desires and aspirations just like humans. Let’s love and care for our dogs and cats even more in our own homes!

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